Turn your pets into food

We can all fall in love with our farm creatures: chickens, cows and pigs. Farm animals are a source of food that can sustain your family. Every day Alison milks our cow, who we think is in calf (more food). If that calf is a heifer she will likely live a long life grazing and turning grass into lovely fresh milk. If its a bull calf. Well lets stop there for now and talk about birds.

Chickens. We love our birds and have been eating our own eggs for over a decade now. Off and on mind you. Molting and bolting countries can disrupt the supply chain sometimes. Recently we have started to raise a few chickens of our own. We have to give credit to our little Grey Hen who we think is an Orpington for going renegade and giving us some true free range little chooks. Again it sucks to be a guy sometimes. Hens get to lay eggs for years and the roosters. Oh most of the roosters. Nothing like a good stock pot.

When I started to write this blog I wondered if this way of life could be controversial. To keep it real, lets focus on the eggs and milk. Nobody gets hurt. We love our herd of heifers and big pen of free range hens. They are our friends: when you see how we are with them; and they are with us, it’s easy to call them pets.

Chores to do. Real happy to share how our family loves getting food from our pets if anyone has any questions.


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