Two Girl Jersey Stud: Meet Delilah and Daisy

Cromwell farms is about to get real serious about milking. We just bought a Jersey cow with and a little heifer. This all happened pretty fast as things do around here sometimes. A couple of nights ago I was lucky enough to get a full cattle consulting session in the shed by my Boss Peter McDonald. The advise I got, combined with Alison letting me know her goal for the year was to never have to buy any cheese, led me to search out a new house cow. Our Dexters are great little milkers; however, we would need to milk most of our herd to get the what one Jersey would produce.

In other farm news we are looking forward to Peter Learn arriving in the next few weeks. On the top his list of chores will be a new shed. Plan is to convert our current shed to a cheese cottage.

25 Jan-2011-Update. Alison and I have just come in with our biggest milk harvest ever. 15 Litres. Deserving of a tribute song to our new girl Delilah.

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