Weaning Babe Time

Got the weaning feeling in my bones. Our Large Black Sow Babe has done a terrific job growing her last litter of piglets. They were definitely born a bit premature and if it was not for Alison’s great assistant mothering I am sure they would not have survived in the wild cold weather they were born into.

It’s really hard to tell the difference between here piglets and the ones born to her Gypsy several weeks earlier.

Time for some quick calculations. These piglets were born on May 24th and that would make them…. wood burning.. i calendar opening… fingers working….

ta da. About 6 weeks old. Perfect. We have a big trailer load of hay, straw and silage coming today so we can move out Big Mama and combine the two litters of pigs in the farrowing pens and let Barney the bore do his work in a couple of days time.

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