Weed Rock Stars Wanted

You can never have too much weed or enough good rock stars. That cannot be said about dirty weeds and bad rocks on a farm. We have been working away using machines to deal with weeds and rocks for a while. Recently we have lifted our game and brought in some outside help to do some major infrastructure projects. We are now ready to bring in some people to do some fine-tuning. Hand-picking weeds and rocks.

We have recruited some International Stars to help us come up with innovative ways to put some full finish on our farm. Sophia Caniza reached out to us looking for work and holiday visa opportunities. We thought we would give her a go and offered her a few days work weeding and derocking. Oh and here is where it gets interesting: turns out Soph has is not the solo kind.

Hi Sofia
Are you available this week to do a few days work weeding and planting?
Alison and Greg
Hi Greg, yes, that would be great. I’m traveling with 5 more people. Do you need more farmhand?

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