Where do I live?

When you live in the Byron Shire it’s sometimes very difficult to know actually where you live. By this I mean what is your address? There are lots and DPs and Street names and post codes. The general rule is that none of this match.

At the moment I am working on getting information on our water easements and approvals to pump water. Timely in that we have had our first real dry spell in a few years.

So here is where I think we live.


191 Sheaffes Road
Goonengerry, NSW, 2482
Lot 1, SEC: DP: 1144371


Water Work

On the phone investigating our water pumping permit.  1800 353 104 Well I am in a Que waiting to talk to a person. Second time lucky. Rang back.

No luck at that number. Giving this a try. Left another message.

I wonder if NSW water tweets or has a facebook page?

135 Main Street
PO Box 796 Murwillumbah NSW 2484
t: (02) 6676 7380
f: (02) 6676 7388

Got a person on the phone. Very excited. Doing a search right now. I think her name is Vanessa.
Ok Hung up she said she will call back in five minutes. Now that’s service.


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