Why I want to pig farm in Canada

I grew up going to our family farm in Chatham on weekends and holidays. My strongest memories of childhood are linked to these times. Growing up I understood my Grandfather stopped farming after my Great Grandfather retired in the late 50’s. They rented out the farm and my Grand  Dad took on a job in town selling feed to other farmers. Before they retired a significant renovation was done to the barn transforming it into a state of the art pig facility. Back in the 50’s it would seem the accountants had not taken charge of animal husbandry and the pigs were raised in a way that inspires me to get the barn back in action.

Speaking of inspiring I can’t help but smile and cheer when I hear Joel from Polyface farm do his thing. Here is a trailer from one of his new off the farm revenue generating devices that takes a Hollywood somewhat holy approach to what he does. I know we can do this in Canada again.


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