Ginger Harvest 2018

About to get stuck into some Ginger Harvesting for a new customer. Have an order for 72 kg’s of it to go along 6 kg of oranges, pumpkins. Look for our produce at the Paddock Project on the [...]

Farmer Johnson says sign this

Read before you sign and support of course. Thanks for taking the time to pass this on Johno. Cromwell Farms loves the sound of this and are keen to do what we can to keep our families farming in [...]

Pop Up Pork Sale-April/May

Pop Up Pork-Monday April 30 – May 3 Heads On Spit Pigs Available. $12 / kg 17.7 kg-sold Jay O’Harae 18.6 kg-sold Jeremy Burn 19.8 kg 24.5 kg-sold Graeme Stockdale-Stock Pot Kitchen 25.8 kg [...]


It all started with Red Dog. A Kelpie cross dingo from a neighbours Dairy Farm. Our first Kelpie had 4 litters of pups. Litter one was 3 kelpie pups and her last litter she dropped 10. We have [...]

Large Black Pig

The Large Black, also known as the British, Cornish or Lop Eared Black, originated in England and was basically a lard pig, in the “old days” fat was highly prized and not only was it used for [...]