From little things, big things grow. We started with three horses and a few chickens on a rented farm in Coorabell. From there, a move to a small 10 acre block in Goonengerry and bought three purebred Dexter Heifers. From there, we got three little pigs. Then we got a chance to buy a real farm down the hill on Sheaffes Rd. We have grown our family farm using sustainable practices.  We breed: Dexter Cattle, Large Black Pigs, Chickens, Kelpies and are looking at one-day breeding horses. We also like to grow things. In keeping with our passion for heritage breeds, a focus on traditional growing methods and sustainability, we have planted citrus trees, coffee, avocados, grapes, olives and have plans to add other trees and crops.

Blues Festival Jul. 4 – Jul. 14, 2019

Bluesfestival, 2019

The Cromwell farms team is currently in preparation for the 2019 Bluesfestival. We will be proud members of the green waste reuse team whereby we will collect organic waste from food vendors. A team of 7 will be feeding all eligibly collected items to our large black heritage pigs and compositing other organics collected

The Farmer Cookbook Launch April 11 2019
Limes Harvested April 1, 2019

Lime Harvest

Limes for Sale

Limes and kaffir lime leaves harvested for local restaurants and general stores.

Avocados Trees Planted 7 January 2016

Avocado Trees Planted

Avocado tree ready for harvesting.

avocado tree

avocado tree

Coffee Trees Planted 6 January 2016

Coffee Planted - January 2016

Our first coffee trees were planted in early 2016.  Over 50 trees went in a few locations on the farm. There were two varieties put in K7 and Cataui. We are now down to about 30 trees due to early losses from livestock and other factors.

Falls Festival December 31 - January 2 2014

Falls Festival 2014 Organic waste Collection

Relocated to Goonengerry 2010