Farming goes back many generations on both sides of our family in Australia and Canada. Today Alison and Greg, with the help of their daughters Aubrey, Morley, and Bella, manage 40 acres in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Breeding Large Black Pigs, Dexter Cattle, Kelpies, Horses and Chickens using sustainable practices with a focus on rare breeds.

What We Do


Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are a heritage breed known for ease of calving and mothering abilities. Cows are naturally protective of their young and generally have an abundance of milk. Our breeding herd is predominantly black and we also have red and dun coat colours. Our Dexters are bred for easy to handle temperament.

Large Black Pigs

As its name implies, the breed is large framed and solid black. Lop ears fall forward over its face, and while they are an impediment to sight, they protect the eyes from damage while the pig is rooting and foraging. The Large Black is best known for its foraging abilities and its maternal qualities. 


Over the years we have raised and bred a variety of heritage breed chickens at our farms. Our current flock of free range chickens are a mix of Australorp,  Plymouth Rock and Light Sussex breeds. As well as birds we also sell fertile eggs, point of lay and always have a rooster or two available.