Sheaffes Road

Goonengerry, NSW, Australia

In 2009, the Cromwell’s moved down the hill after selling their property on Mill Road with 3 pigs, 4 cows, 3 horses and a couple of dogs  to the historical Sheaffe’s Farm. Since then they have been living happily ever after bringing back into production a 100 year old farm and grand old house.

Porter Lake

Restoule, Ontario, Canada

In 1988 Greg Cromwell followed his dream of “owning his own lake” and found a beautiful secluded property in the Far North of Ontario. Alison and Greg packed up from city life in Toronto in the summer of 2000 to live their dream of living off the land. After this experience they packed up again and made the move to Australia. The rest is history.

Gregory Line

Chatham, Ontario, Canada

In 1858 John Gregory married Emiline Blackburn and took over a small farm on the 3rd Concession in Kent County. Gregory’s Mum, Eleanor is the matriarch of this family farm and lives in the house her Great Grand Father built in 1910 with her husband Thor Milton. 7 Generations of Family Farming and plans in place to keep that going and growing.